College Students Learn About Chemical Industry Career Prospects

College Students Learn About Chemical Industry Career Prospects Paston College was given the opportunity for a small number of chemistry students to visit Briar Chemicals in Norwich, to see the type of processes which take place in, and the environment of, an industrial chemistry plant. The visit was arranged by Dr Sean Thurston, Royal Society of Chemistry Education Coordinator (East) from the University of East Anglia.

The visit was coordinated by Briar’s Technical Specialist, Haydn Dalton and the students met a variety of other members of the Briar team including Jordan Hill, an ex-Paston student! They were taken on a tour of the site which included visiting production plants, control rooms and laboratories; this gave them a real insight into how some of the chemistry they may have come across in the classroom is used in a commercial environment. The staff from Briar Chemicals and the RSC Co-ordinator were very helpful and keen to answer questions about aspects of the plant and their own roles and career paths.

This visit showed how qualifications in Chemistry and Engineering open doors to a broad range of opportunities including plant management, technical and production support, and commercial roles. Our students were able to ask lots of questions about the running of the plant, health and safety and career prospects, both on the tour of the plant and at a Q & A session at the end.

“It was interesting to see the scale and uses of industrial chemistry – and how what we’ve learnt is applied. Thank you” Freyja, Olivia, Ashlynn and Jess.

“I care a lot about human impact on the environment. It was very interesting to be told be told and to see what they do to reduce water and air pollution” Andra Chirnicinii

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