Congratulations to our Sir William Paston Scholars

The Trustees of the Paston College Foundation created a Scholarship Scheme over 10 years ago to mark Paston’s 400th birthday. The Scheme is based on the founder of the original School, Sir William Paston, and reflects educational interests.

This year, 25 scholarships worth £500 were awarded to students who had achieved extremely high standards in their summer GCSE exams. The successful Scholars had a special lunch to receive their scholarships. At the lunch, Peter Stibbons, a Corporation Member and Chairman of Trustees of the Paston College Foundation, presented the Awards and gave the students an insight into the importance and legacy of Sir William Paston. Students use their scholarship in a number of different ways to support their learning and future career prospects. The majority of the Scholars are proposing to go on to university after their time at College. This will continue to support a strong tradition at the College. This year, 7 students went on to Oxbridge and over 65% moved on to university.

Kevin Grieve, Principal, said “It is really important to involve our students in the heritage and history of Paston.”

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