Cooking from Scratch Editor Daniella Martin, A2 Student (Ex- Taverham High School)

Paston Sixth Form College student Danielle Martin was given the opportunity to start preparing for university through a cooking session with Laura Vaughan, as part of her personal cooking tuition business, accurately named Cook from Scratch.

“The experience was great for learning an easy and quick meal to make at university, as well as picking up so many tips. Laura tailors the session to your personal experiences with cooking, as well as your skills, tastes and the reasons you wish to learn to cook. Apart from learning how to make Mexican fajitas, I also discovered different combinations and ways of changing up my ingredients to alter the dish slightly, such as using a different meat or experimenting with another salsa. Even though I only cooked one meal, I picked up lots of small tips which can easily be applied to other dishes. From the correct ways to chop up vegetables, to a vast array of handy tricks throughout on everything from marinating the chicken to the best order to fry my ingredients, as well as how to present it. The experience made me realise that it’s a good idea to start learning in plenty of time, that it can actually be really fun to learn something new like this, and that it’s something that once you have learned it, you will always remember”, Danielle said.

Laura said, “You always have to cook, you always have to eat, and it saves money because you don’t have to keep getting takeaways and buying ready meals. So I just think it’s really important that everyone learns to cook”.

To arrange a session with Laura, including a free initial meeting, call 01603 861537 or email You can also visit her Facebook page to find out more and see some of Laura’s other creations, as well as

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