A Play for Our Times. Far East Theatre Company presents ROAD By Jim Cartwright. 

What striking relevance Jim Cartwright’s play has for our troubled times. Paston College’s Far East Theatre Company’s production is fast moving, gritty with high quality performances. Huge respect must be paid to Dawn Finnerty who directed this adult piece and to see so many young actors perform to such a high standard with such energy and verve is a joy to behold.

The play is a powerful indictment of the North South divide during the 1980s where unemployment was allowed to flourish at the expense of the South’s growing affluence. We see a community which had been left behind by Thatcher’s monetarist policies, where individual suffering is palpable and refuge is taken in drink and popular music. 

This is not without humour. Sam Thompson’s Scullery guides us down the ROAD with wry asides and manic wit. Daisy Wilson, Ophena Parker-Ben, Alice Digby and Matilda Bailes all give performances which tap into the despair with humour and vitality. These young actors understand timing and shape their material beautifully. However to mention individuals is perhaps unfair as this is a very strong ensemble who all produced very assured and confident performances on their first night. 

Far East Theatre Company is known for its high standards being directed by drama specialists and professional theatre practitioners. Next week, the other half of the Company is performing Romeo and Juliet directed by Simon Thompson. 

ROAD By Jim Cartwright at Paston Theatre, North Walsham at 7:30pm until Friday, 3rd Feb. 

ROMEO and JULIET begins Tuesday 7th February until Friday 10th February, start time 7:30pm.
Matinee performance on Wednesday 8th February at 1:30pm.  For more information on booking see upcoming events.

Article written by Mandy McKenna
Photo Credit Paul Greeves

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