First Aid Success at Paston As part of their Paston Sixth Form College Employability Skills Award, students completed a St John Ambulance course in Essential First Aid. The students now know how to deal with emergencies safely, from accidents involving broken bones and burns, to heart attacks, choking and unconsciousness. Students demonstrated their skills in recognising a range of conditions and treating the casualties, including bandaging, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage. This is the first group of students in 2017 who have passed the award. Over the next few months many more students will be completing the course. 

Some of the students are seen here with their certificates after a presentation by Kevin Grieve, Principal and Sandra Emerson, Director of Curriculum. Students commented that they really enjoyed the 3hr session, ‘I loved being covered in bandages’ and ‘it was really friendly even though you didn’t know everybody at the start’. Several students commented that they felt more prepared for going to university and employment and living independently, ‘you never know when you’re going to need it’.

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