‘Mens Sana In Corpore Sano’ The might of Paston delivered yet another sporting salvo at the opposition yesterday as we took on the might of Easton, COWA, City College, Yarmouth College and East Norfolk College in a multi-sports festival.

A fledgling team of newbies were thrown into the cauldron of sporting endeavour when they faced 5 teams with vastly more playing experience. First up, East Norfolk, who were no match for the dazzling dribbling skills of Morris and the physical presence of Laville. Paston 10 East Norfolk 0. Next up was City College who were on the ropes with seconds to go when they pulled out a blistering 3 pointer from just inside the halfway line. Paston 10 City College 11. Our temporary euphoria of holding our own was unfortunately short lived, as we then fell from grace at the hands of the powerful Easton, Yarmouth and E. Norfolk. This team have more to give.

Cometh the hour…….The girl’s netball team showed no mercy as they decimated all before them. A bulldozer of a performance from Garwood, the electric eel that was Clabon and the gazelle-like agility of Hepburn enabled the team to strike fear into the hearts of all who dared come before them. Supreme in all games. To the victor go the spoils.

It’s a funny old game. Draws with East Norfolk, Yarmouth and COWA were undeserved. We dominated all aspects of play but that damned spherical orb refused to do our bidding. One goal was our only consolation in a day where we deserved so much more. Sterling performances from Cresswell who captained the ship admirably and Clarke who was Sauron’s Black Gate to the opposition’s Hobbit like attacks.

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