Novel Success Paston Sixth Form College student Jacob Alexander has just received news that a novel he wrote is going to be published.  It is currently available on in e-book format.  The Book, “A Town Called Hope”, is currently available as an e-book.  The unique crime story is set in a fictional 1870’s Mid West Town in the USA.

The central character mysteriously wakes up in the town square of Hope Falls.  With no name, or memory, the newcomer befriends the town’s grizzled Sheriff and a kindly Preacher.  As he begins to look into his past, a chain of events begins.  The story has numerous twists and turns, leading to a shocking conclusion.  It is an amazing first novel and a brilliant read for young and old.

Jacob, an ex Broadland High School pupil, is a first year student at Paston studying History, Biology and Chemistry.  Jacob is already working on a new novel which he hopes to publish.

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