Paston Alumni Give Magical Performance Photo credit Leigh Caudwell’s Photography

Last night, Paston Sixth Form College had the pleasure of seeing Mike Kenny’s imaginative stage adaptation of E.Nesbit’s much-loved children’s classic The Railway Children, performed beautifully at The Sheringham Little Theatre by a small, but fantastic cast of 10 actors, with four past and present students of Paston Sixth Form College.  The four familiar cast members that have taken to the stage are: Ryan Starling performing as Peter, Megan Bailes who performs various roles including a Cook, a Passenger, Perks Child and a Paperchase Boy, Paris Chandler performing as a Maid, a Paperchase Boy, Perks Child and Platform Person and finally Laura Finnemore who also has various roles such as Distrinct Superintendent, a Passenger and a Paperchase Boy.  All of these past and present students have been involved in previous Paston productions and our very own Far East Theatre Company, so it is great to see their continued success and we wish them all the best with their future careers.  

This is the third season Ryan has performed at Sheringham Little Theatre and during his time spent learning lines, he has also been studying a three year adult nursing degree at the University of East Anglia.  In suggesting the difficulty of supporting an acting career Ryan explains:  “Some people do bar and restaurant work, but I wanted to do something useful which also gave me the flexibility to put acting first.”   

In response Sheringham Little Theatre director Debbie Thompson said: “It can be tough for young actors and Ryan has shown a lot of maturity by adding nursing skills to help him provide finances while he furthers his dream.”

We are very proud of all of our students achievements and it is great to see their continue success.  It is great to hear that Ryan has found a way to continue his passion for his subject, but also make a difference to the community.

The whole cast were marvellous in their various roles, using a limited amount of props to imaginatively move seemingly from one scene to the next.  At first glance, the set looks like a family home with a looming fire place as the cast gather round to tell their story and in the next scene it cleverly turns into the train tunnel.  This stage prop with the imagination of the audience is such an effective tool, which all of the actors utilise extraordinarily and the lack of a real train is not a disappointment.   From the reaction of the audience, throughout the play it is clear that it becomes easy to get lost in the production, sucked into the reality of the children’s anxieties of poverty and mystery of their father’s disappearance.  The witting humour of Phyllis’s character has the audience in laughter many times throughout the play, capturing the interest specifically of the younger children in the audience and then tears as the cry of Roberta calls ‘Daddy! My Daddy!’ provoking complete silence. Every little detail of the play adds characteristic and charm to the nostalgic classic directed by Amy Wyllie, with thrilling, funny and enjoyable acting from all members of the cast.  It definitely is a must see and tonight is the last night to get a chance to watch the play! 

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