Paston BTEC Students Media Campaign Success First year Creative and Media BTEC students at Paston Sixth Form College have embraced multi-platform technologies to generate a range of innovative and exciting media campaigns for their coursework. Tasked with the brief of generating a contemporary cross-platform media campaign, utilising social media, digital video, web marketing and print, the students came up with some really inventive campaigns. Some were designed to raise money, while others were created to raise awareness and spread a positive message about a subject matter that they cared about. 

Matt Afford, along with the technical support of sidekick Nathan Tench, organised a 24hr ‘gamathon’ to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. This astonishing bout of gaming endurance raised over £300. Matt commented; ‘I really couldn’t thank everyone enough for all the donations and support. I can tell you now though, I am never playing video games for that long again!’ 

In other fundraising events, Howard Acott promoted a Sheringham Park Run campaign in memory of his brother David Acott (a fellow BTEC Media student who sadly passed away in 2015).  The campaign from Howard and the overwhelming support from friends and families raised £1240 for Ronald McDonald House Charities. In other campaigns, Eden Lanning attempted to raise awareness to the ever growing population of homeless people, through the creation of ‘Hope Boxes’ - shoe boxes filled with items that will come in handy for those living on the streets. Eden sold cupcakes on the market in North Walsham to raise money.

Elsewhere, the project saw a number of students produce campaigns to spread positivity. Charlotte Facey created a self-help website promoting relaxation techniques and healthy living, while Sydnie Snowling created a positive body image campaign ‘designed to make people with insecurities feel as beautiful as everyone else’

Other projects included a campaign to bring down the costs of football ticket prices for away games and campaigns for Mundesley Lifeboats, Faith Animal Rescue and many more. See below for a full list of the campaigns

The students fully embraced the diversity of modern life and actively set out to make a difference.

Full list of Media Campaigns
Howard Acott – Sheringham Park Run event for Ronald McDonald House Charities
Matt Afford – Gaming Marathon for MacMillan Cancer Support
Joseph Chamberlain – Man Utd Fan site
Luke Dugdale – Internet and mobile device security
Ethan East – The Fiver challenge (small business venture for young people)
Ryan Everson – Gaming competition
Charlotte Facey – Self-help relaxation website
Eden Lanning – Shoe box campaign for homeless people
Sydnie Snelling – Body positivity
James Starling – Healthy eating website
Nathan Tench – Promoting own YouTube video ‘Noble Dubs’
Lauren Thirtle – Faith Animal Rescue
Rhiannon Warby – Mundesley Lifeboats
Tom Wardle – Football ticket prices
Kieron Woodhouse – Promo campaign for own short film

PHOTO is of Matt Afford

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