Paston Newbies Shine at first Easton Sports Event A group of 21 Paston students, mostly made up of first years, took part in the initial Easton sports tournament of this academic year. The event took place on Wednesday 7th December and the sports included were football, netball and tennis with opposition from all over the county.


Led by the suave and majestic calm that is their leader, Jordan Baker, the mostly first year team found themselves in their first 3G 7-a-side tournament of the season. Within minutes of arrival we took on the urban devils who had defeated us in an 11-a-side encounter some 3 weeks ago – City College. Despite numerous excellent through balls by Andrew Weston, surging runs by Nathan Fromage and endless strikes on goal by Connor Manning we could not find the back of the net! Fortunately, neither could they! First match 0-0.

Next up – Easton College second years who proved to be the strongest opposition of the day. Like an undercover member of Special Forces Tom Wardle slipped unnoticed through the Easton defence setting up Zak Frosdick to strike the target with laser guided accuracy. The joy was short lived, however, and some excellent inter-play by Easton allowed them to claw one back. A feast of outstanding saves by Captain Jordan Baker saved our blushes and the game finished 1-1.

The third encounter was an altogether different affair. Easton College first years were dealt a 5-0 thumping by an outstanding team performance with a fine display of slick passing and clinical finishing. Hat-trick for Zak Frosdick and a brace for Connor Manning sealed the opposition’s fate. Solid marshalling of the midfield by Owen Fox, Jake Woolston and Tom Secker with some ‘you shall not pass!’ challenges coming in from Laurence Fenn and Zak Ross-Benham gave a stunned Easton team no glimmer of Christmas cheer. Sherry and mince pies go to the Paston boys. To the victor the spoils…….


Ably led by Ellie Waite and Amber Howard the girls were sprightly, eager and full of desire.
First to face the creativity and dynamism of our predominantly first year team was Easton College. The Paston girls were ahead for the majority of the game using the excellent pairing of Amy Hewitt and Maddy King along with the pin point accuracy of Erin Irwin which created a glut of shooting opportunities. Unfortunately towards the end of the game Easton found their stride and came back strong. Despite valiant defending by Ellie Waite and Allyssa Remoroza the Easton attack eventually proved too strong with a final score of 6-7 to Easton.

Next bruising encounter was with wily and streetwise COWA. Tremendous tenacity from Gabi Forrest and the awesome agility of Amber Howard allowed our girls to get a decent foothold in this game with 3 extremely well-constructed goals. COWA however are not easily intimidated and managed to bully our defence into conceding essential possession. Final score 3-5 to COWA.


Two of our students – Stephen Jessop and Ben Rising are nationally ranked tennis players and took on 2 academy players from Easton. Both Easton players are full time on the tennis academy course at Easton and are considerably older than our students. To take on such talent is a mighty ask…

Stephen Jessop lost 6-0, 6-2

Ben Rising lost 6-0, 6-0

Nietzsche…..’What does not kill you makes you stronger…’

Terminator…’We will be back…’

Amber Howard...’Next time we will kick their …….…’

Well done to all who took part and for performing with such vigour, skill, dignity and sportsmanship.
Sim Edwards

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