ROAD to Nowhere The award winning Far East Youth Theatre Group at Paston Sixth Form College performed Jim Cartwright’s Play, “ROAD”, to a packed audience on Tuesday 31 January to Friday 3 February.  Road is a challenging play which brings to life conditions in a Northern town in the 1980s.  It is a gritty, fast moving, action packed play which highlights the hardship of having little money, no work and very little hope.  Sam Thompson’s Scullery guides us down the ROAD, showing us the lives of different characters and how they are affected.  It is a play which includes humour and tragedy, with stories powerfully told by the case.  Daisy Wilson, Alice Digby and Matilda Bailes all giving strong performances showing us what life was like in this Society.

The large cast showed the incredible strength in acting depth at Paston.  There are far too many brilliant performances to mention each character.  For many of the audience, ROAD is very much a relevant play, with many people in the UK relying on foodbanks, having nowhere to shelter, facing mental health problems or being discriminated against.  ROAD asked many questions, but ultimately showed we must live in hope.

The play is directed by Dawn Finnerty who expertly directed this hard hitting powerful play.

Full Cast: Sam Thompson, Daisy Wilson, Ben Bee, Opena Parker-Benn, Alice Digby, Callum Adkins, Steven Logsdon, William McKinnell, Jodie Weller, Abi Tacon, Mathilde Fassih, Ash Hipperson, Jemima Kerkham, Eve Dawson, Cathy Sole, Matilda Bailes, Laura Seddigh, Dora LeBorgne, Ben Would.

Support: Mark Fawcett, Matt Stainthorpe, Libby Henshaw, Steve Nicholls, Mark Byers, Paul Greeves, Andrew Godfrey, Emma Cracknell, Jodie Rice, George Norton, Matt Phelps, Simon Thompson, Dean Mooney, Ellen De Tarrier, Jan Love, Sharon Hall.

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