Romeo & Juliet Success Paston Sixth Form College students performed Romeo & Juliet to packed audiences this week at the new Griffon Theatre.  The play, directed and produced by Simon Thompson, George Norton and Jess Chamberlin, was a huge success.

Romeo & Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare early in his career about two young lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families.  The play was adapted where Verona is transported to modern day North Norfolk and the often oppositional worlds of North Walsham and Burnham Market.  

The play was also adapted to include Romeo being played by a female character: Romea, and the issues that this raises within the world of the Play: This was very much the central starting point of the production.  With February 2017 recognised as LGBT month, this opportunity highlighted relevant issues.

There were some extremely strong performances from all the cast.  Special mention must go to Romea and Juliet, played by Emmie Wright and Emily Sidnell.  They were supported by Lord Capulet - Josh Hinds, Lady Capulet - Kyla Harwood, and Lady Montague - Victoria Ing. Some of the fight scenes were extremely well performed with strong performances from Emily Palmer – Tybalt, and Daisy Den Engelse – Mercutio.  Others included in the feuding families were Ellen Smith as Benvolio, Isabella Whiteley-Tye as Abraham, Kate Birkbeck as Balthasar, Gerard Earnshaw as Petruchio and Oli Bowling as Paris.  There was also some wonderful support in a range of roles from Hatty Horscroft, Pippa Stebbings, Chris Sainton-Clark and Francesca Harker-York.

The play has played to all ages over the last week from local primary and secondary schools through to adults.

Photo taken by Paul Greeves

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