Shakespeare Success at the new Griffon Theatre The award winning Far East Youth Theatre Group at Paston Sixth Form College celebrated the first production at the new Griffon Theatre with their interpretation of William Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” using Actor Ian McKellan’s view on Shakespeare, when he said “I think anyone should do whatever they like with Shakespeare. Shakespeare is more than just plays in the head – Shakespeare is a hydra headed brand”. The group interpretation of the Comedy of Errors was inspired by the fantastical world of Dr Seuss, the reality defying images of M C Escher and a large amount of traditional farce. The packed audience laughed from start to finish as the play moved swiftly from one farce to another. It was a wonderful, enjoyable piece, with all the students involved throughout, maintaining the fun and enjoyment for the audience.

There were excellent performances by Wesley Burgess as Aegon, William McKinnell as Duke of Solinus of Ephesus and Dillon Rix as Antipholus of Ephesus. There was much slapstick humour delivered by Bret Demmen and Benedict Wills as Dromio of Syracuse and Dromio of Ephesus. There were wonderful performances by Adriana – Tilda Bailes, Luciana – Emily Butchers and Luce – Daisy Wilson, and Merchants – Millie Sawyer-Stone, Balthazar – Dora LeBorgne, and Angelo – Alice Digby.

The pace of the show, and set movement was supported by the Police Officers – Abi Tacon, Eve Dawson and Steven Logsdon. There was also great support from the Courtesan Laura Seddigh, Dr Pinch – Steven Logsdon and the Abbess – Mary Bennett.

The performances also starred Cecilia, a Dachshund, a first for Paston with a dog as one of the stars of the show. It certainly got all the attention backstage and could launch a successful career on stage and screen.

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