Sir William Paston Scholars 2015 In 2006 the Trustees of the Paston Foundation created a scholarship scheme to mark Paston’s 400th birthday, bearing the name of our founder, Sir William Paston.

This year 23 scholarships worth £500 were awarded to new gifted and talented students who achieved a minimum of 6A* grades at GCSE. The Paston Sixth Form College students study A levels and BTEC courses as a preliminary to going to a top university. The scholars had a special lunch to receive their scholarships. The students use the award in a range of different ways to support their learning at Paston.

The Scholars this year are:

Emily Butchers Aylsham High School
Florrie Crass Aylsham High School
Emily Gasparro Aylsham High School
Meg Harris Aylsham High School
Joel Hunter Aylsham High School
Jasmine Kelly Aylsham High School
Jess Spooner Aylsham High School
Olivia Walsh Aylsham High School
Harriet Bradnock Broadland High School
Holly Clarkson Broadland High School
Ellie Edwards Broadland High School
Megan Boreham Cromer Academy
Faye Johnstone Cromer Academy
Maisie Ruhl-Barrett Cromer Academy
Xena Dyball Flegg High School
Natalie Smith Flegg High School
Grace Farman Hellesdon High School
Tallulah Self Hellesdon High School
Kate Constable Norwich High School for Girls
Joe Brown Sprowston High School
Kira Faircloth Sprowston High School
David Perkins Sprowston High School
Ellie Horne Stalham High School

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