The Griffon has landed A new wood sculpture by talented local Artist, Luke Chapman, arrived at Paston Sixth Form College this week.  The sculpture was commissioned by the Student Executive to celebrate 30 years of the founding of the Sixth Form College and the opening of the new Griffon Theatre.  The students used donations kindly made by Old Pastonians and Paston College Foundation members.

The students ran a competition to design the sculpture and the Griffon was the most popular choice.  Students worked with Luke Chapman to improve the design including the fine detail of the work.  After a number of months, Luke produced the stunning Griffon sculpture.

The sculpture’s distinctive red colour comes from sourcing a Giant Sequoia Wellingtonia Redwood for the piece.  This was sourced ecologically from an Estate in Norfolk, after recent storms blew the tree down.

Although this tree is not the tallest in the world, it is the largest by volume reaching up to 95m high.  The trees were introduced to Britain in 1853 and were named Wellingtonia after the recently deceased Duke of Wellington.  Luke worked on the sculpture in his studio in Matlaske, Norfolk.

Kevin Grieve, Principal, said “This is an amazing sculpture and brilliant way to commemorate the Sixth Form College and the new Theatre.  Luke is an amazing artist and we are all extremely proud of what has been achieved”.

Lewis Millard Student Executive President said “It was a brilliant idea by the Student Executive to commission the sculpture.  Luke is very talented and we are pleased with the final result.”

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