YOGA & Mindfulness This year Paston Sixth Form College has launched a brand new initiative to support students’ mental health, focus and wellbeing, as well as increase their engagement in physical exercise. Thanks to a partnership between Paston Sixth Form College, Active England and The Wellhouse, the initial 6-week Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness launched this September with a record 45 students attending.

Cata Parrish, Yoga Teacher and Head of wellbeing organisation The Wellhouse, has spearheaded The Young Yoga Movement for local adolescents, and wrote the programme with teenagers in mind.

"We know that young people are facing an unprecedented amount of information overload and new forms of stress" she says. "Students tell me that they quickly start to notice a development to their emotional balance and strength; that their every day life just feels a bit better, thanks to the work they’ve been doing on their limbic system and reptilian brain areas (which influence their ability to sleep, standardise heart rates & develop good eating patterns, supporting stronger emotional regulation)."

Mindfulness has taken the international media by storm over the past few years, claiming to help students’ performance, employee's stress levels, and parenting choices. Courses such as this are being introduced internationally by Heads aiming to support students' wellbeing, their emotional regulation, & benefit from improving focus, attendance, attention span & learning. Occasionally it's just about offering a wider curriculum. The latest research does seem to demonstrate improved performance on standardised tests, for those who practise mindfulness, versus those who don’t. Add to this the increased mental, emotional and physical benefits for students (with evidence in schools of improved attendance and attitude) and it makes sense that educational establishments have started to include it into their curriculum.

Paston has gone one step further by offering a similar programme to staff at the end of the college day, developing the same benefits for adults who work with young people.

For more details please contact:

Cata Parrish
07805 155172 / 01263 732310

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