A message from the Student Executive Board

Hello, we would like to wish every student taking their exams this summer ‘good luck’ and hope that you achieve your goals.

We have all grown enormously with our time at Paston. It has helped us to secure the foundations for our future, with an expert team that can help to guide you into a future that you want to achieve. The teaching here is above and beyond what we had expected, giving you an in depth look at the curriculum subjects, while allowing you to have the freedom to do your own study that can be equally beneficial. Clubs and Societies are a great way for you to get involved in the things that most interest you, while getting rewarded for it at the same time.  Clubs and Societies have really been pivotal in building each of our personalities, as it gives experiences that are not achievable in high school.

Our first year at Paston has been a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable experience and we can’t wait to see what our second year has to offer!

Student Executive Report Autumn Term 2016

Lewis Millard (Student President)

Owen Fuller (Vice President)

Josh Towler
(Charity Rep)

Ezra Gentle (Charity Rep)

Isabelle Whiteley- Tye (Equality and Diversity Rep)

Cameron Bray (IT Rep)

James Maisner (Sports Rep)

Daisy Den Engelse (1st Year Rep)

Charlotte Raywood (1st Year Rep)