What will I study on the course?

Learners investigate the media industry, looking at the influences of technology and audiences and how media is affected by these factors. They develop research skills through their investigations and study how to analyse and deconstruct media representations and develop the communication and planning skills that allow ideas to be produced. 

Central to all of this is a practical production component. Across 13 units, Learners will explore a wide range of production areas including Film Editing, Short Film production, Documentary, Advertising, Photography, Concept Art for Games Design, Multi-media digital campaigns and Promotional videos. Learners will leave the BTEC course with a sophisticated understanding of creative practical production and the critical theory which underpins all aspects of the Industry

In Year 1:

  • Pre-production techniques, such as storyboarding and scriptwriting
  • Short Film making
  • Video Editing
  • Print-based media
  • Stop-Motion, 2D, 3D animation and Motion Graphics
  • Research methods that develop your writing and analytical skills.
  • Critical analysis of film and television
  • How to communicate your ideas effectively through professional pitches

In Year 2 : 

  •  Extend and refine your existing skills through a wide range of practical units
    - Music Video Production
    - Documentary filmmaking
    - Advertising
    - Working to a professional creative brief set by an external client
    - Radio Drama
    - The production of Graphic Narrative/comic books
    - Video Installation
  • Build a portfolio and prepare for interview.
  • Refine your research method using critical analysis with reference to contextual sources.
  • Define your own area of specialism and work collectively towards the production of work for the media festival

You can follow a link here to the specification for Pearson Edexcel Creative Media Production


To see more  Creative Media Production work from Paston students go to our Youtube channel Paston Media