Learners investigate the media industry, looking at the influences of technology and audiences and how media is affected by these factors. They develop research skills through their investigations and study how to analyse and deconstruct media representations and develop the communication and planning skills that allow ideas to be produced. 

Central to all of this is a practical production component. Across 13 units, Learners will explore a wide range of production areas including Film Editing, Short Film production, Documentary, Advertising, Photography, Concept Art for Games Design, Multi-media digital campaigns and Promotional videos. Learners will leave the BTEC course with a sophisticated understanding of creative practical production and the critical theory which underpins all aspects of the Industry

What will I study on the course?

You will work on a number of projects over 2 years, building up an impressive portfolio of media products, sometimes working by yourself and sometimes as part of a larger production team where you can specialise to develop your chosen skills further (e.g. editor, cinematographer, visual effects, animator)

You will make a number of different media products that will provide you with a wide range of practical skills that will give you an excellent knowledge and foundation for either Higher Education or as a stepping stone for the creative industry

You will have the opportunity to work with local companies and organisations on a range of projects, producing work for them to a high professional standard to meet their brief. Recent organisations who we have collaborated with include BBC Voices, The Benjamin Foundation and St Mary’s Works in Norwich.

You will learn how media texts are put together to create different meanings for different audiences and apply this learning in the production of your own practical work

You will learn how to use Digital SLRs, lenses to shoot film and learn how to use the Adobe Creative Suite post-production software package to generate imaginative and innovative practical multi-media work.