We are immersed in an audio visual world from a very young age and rarely stop to think about how we make sense of the multitude of images we engage with on the screens in front of us. We take it for granted, but how can a particular combination of images and sound passing our eyes and ears at 24 frames a second make us laugh, or cry, or shudder in horror?

By interrogating the very mechanics of film-making, and engaging in analysis of the individual elements of a shot, these processes of meaning-making and emotional manipulation come to light in this subject.
We also consider the fact that a film is always a product of a particular time, place, and group of people and, as such, is a wonderful tool for exploring the particular ideologies or messages and values encoded into them through the industry that it is produced by. Film Studies sits very well alongside a range of subjects such as English, History, Media, Psychology, and Sociology.

In Film Studies we study a wide range of films from different cultural and historical backgrounds. Some of these films explore challenging subject matter and are therefore rated 18. The content is, however, always deconstructed in a careful and sensitive way that is educationally enriching.