Why study French at A level?

Language lessons are lively and full of variety and classes quickly develop a friendly atmosphere and strong sense of identity. In every lesson you will take part in many different activities: watching or listening to news items, studying written passages, working on role plays or other speaking tasks. During the first year, the aim is to develop your confidence and ability to communicate, particularly when speaking. But don’t be afraid! Encouragement and co-operation are our watchwords! 

Qualifications in languages are very well regarded by both universities and employers and an A level language will look very good on your CV, whatever your main interests may be. As Europe is still Britain’s biggest market, it is essential that we are able to communicate in their language with our customers outside the UK. 

And what’s more – French is fun! All our A level French students this year say they have enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others! 

What have past students of French done after A level? 

Many Paston languages students have gone on to study French on its own or combined with other languages at high-ranking universities including Leeds, Imperial College (Chemistry with French), Bath (French and Russian), Surrey (French and German) and UEA (French and Spanish). In 2015/16 two students of A level French received offers of a place at Cambridge University.

What are the exams like?

The A level course will be tested through 2 written exams and an oral test. The written exams count for 70% of the total mark and the oral 30%.

One written exam will test skills of listening and reading comprehension, translation into French and translation into English and also your knowledge of grammar. The second paper will consist of 2 essays on a book and a film which you will have studied in depth in Y13.

The oral exam will test your ability to talk in detail about a subject you have prepared before the test and you will also discuss with the examiner a topic on a card chosen by you on the day.