We take great pride in our success in helping students to improve their GCSE grades. And, because the course we offer is English Language, this means no more Shakespeare or poetry!  During the course we will help you develop your writing skills, going back over key aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation, improving written structure and expression, and learning how to get those all-important marks in the exams.

This course is designed to assess all aspects of your communication skills; from your comprehension and interpretation of written texts, to your written and spoken articulation using a range of vocabulary and persuasive techniques.  The specification is divided into three units: two of these assess your reading and writing abilities in end of year exams, while the other unit assesses your spoken language skills.  

The first exam will ask you to explore and analyse a short piece of 20th century literature and then you will demonstrate your own creative writing talents, using descriptive and narrative techniques.  The second exam will ask you to compare some unseen non-fiction texts and then you will complete a functional writing task, addressing a particular audience or purpose.  
The third unit is an assessed presentation/speech: you will select a topic of your choice to present to your classmates and respond to a range of questions.  We know this is often the unit that students find the most difficult or uncomfortable, and therefore you will have time to get to know your classmates, research your topic and opportunities to practice before we complete the final assessment.

This course will run alongside your other course choices and the skills you development and improve during these lessons will benefit you in your other subjects; whether it is searching for relevant information in a text, developing your written accuracy or expressing yourself more clearly.  The skills you use and develop here will also be invaluable in your future, for universities, apprenticeships or employment.