At Paston Sixth Form College the geography course is designed to capture the diversity in the subject and you will study a wide variety of topics and have the opportunity to undertake various local fieldwork investigations or even travel further abroad. 

What will you study?

The geography course is focused on providing young people with the skills, knowledge and understanding to debate issues that are relevant to the 21st century. Students study issues that are highly contemporary, such as climate change policies to questions like “Can diseases ever be fully eradicated?” However, this is also combined with familiar and ever popular topics including tectonics and coastal landscapes.

The course is examined at the end of Year 2. There are 3 exams which consist of a mixture of short response questions and some longer evaluative essay. Students also complete an individual investigation which is marked by their teacher and moderated externally. This is worth 20% of their final grade. This year students have chosen topics as wide ranging as people’s perceptions of the Norfolk Broads to the human impact on carbon stores in Bacton Woods and how the design of Norwich city centre impacts on how safe women feel.