At Paston Sixth Form College the geography course is designed to capture the diversity in the subject and you will study a wide variety of topics and have the opportunity to undertake various local fieldwork investigations or even travel further abroad.  Recent expeditions abroad have given Paston students a wide range of cultural experiences, as well as fostering a love for wild landscapes and environmental issues.  We hope these experiences will develop a love for adventure, in our students, that will continue into adulthood.

At Paston we pride ourselves in the range of field work experiences we offer our students.

In the summer of 2014 20 geography and photography students spent 5 amazing days exploring the south coast of Iceland around Reykjavik and Vik. In 2013 we went even further afield and spent a week touring the city of Beijing; enveloping ourselves in the cultural heritage of the city and being astonished at its rapid modernisation.

In the summer of 2015 22 geography and biology students spent 2 weeks in South Africa. The first week was spent in Balule reserve in south-east Kruger undertaking scientific research collecting evidence on the impact of elephant herds on the areas biodiversity. We then moved on to Sodwana Bay to complete our Open water PADI award. This was an amazing experience for our students; many of whom were inspired to apply to read conservation, environmental science or environmental geography at university. More information can be found at this address:
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