What will I study on the course?

Tasks and activities that help you learn about:

  • The human body - how it works and what can go wrong - illness and disease
  • How we grow and develop throughout our lives - physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally 
  • What a healthy diet is and the effects of a poor diet e.g. obesity, diabetes and heart disease 
  • How to communicate effectively with different clients - children, the elderly or people with disabilities 
  • How to research- this is an opportunity to do a small independent research project on a H&SC topic of your choice. Recent topics have included: how the media can influence body image, attitudes to smoking, alcohol or mental health conditions and contemporary issues such as understaffing within the NHS and alternative/complementary therapies. This is particularly useful preparation for undertaking the dissertation module of a degree if you progress to university.



On the 21st April, BTEC Year 13 Health and Social care group planned and carried out a health promotion campaign for part of their course work. The students had been working on this over the past few weeks and mimicked their campaigns on a current campaign or health promotion initiative, to raise health awareness and educate the students of Paston College in a chosen area. The health topics covered; Physical Health (sexual health, smoking, impact of sugary drinks alcohol and drug awareness) and Mental Health (eating disorders and anxiety and depression).

In addition to class study you will attend a placement on one day per week which will enable you to link theory to practice. You will choose three placements over the two years e.g. in nurseries, primary schools, nursing or residential homes, or day centres (for the elderly and people with disabilities and learning difficulties).