You explore why changes occurred and how societies experience change and its aftermath. We will bring History to life through a wide range of interactive teaching methods which will help you develop a good understanding of the topics covered. You will also have opportunities to visit some of the key places which feature in your course. In the past four years students have been on trips to China, Germany and Poland.

The study of History gives you an understanding of events; it also develops important skills such as communication, analysis, arguing and evidencing a case. It is an excellent preparation for university and careers as varied as journalism, politics, law, teaching and management. 

You can study History with Economics, Government & Politics, Law, Philosophy, English, Geography, or a language, but it can be studied beneficially alongside almost all subjects. 

As part of the full A-Level, you will study 4 subjects:

In Year 1:

Britain Transformed, 1918-1997
The USA, c1920-55: Boom, Bust, and Recovery

In Year 2:

The Witch Craze in Britain, Europe, and North America, c1580-1750.

Historical Interpretations Coursework.