Have you ever wondered who makes the laws? What’s the difference between the role of Parliament and the judiciary? What happens when a person is called for jury service? How do you protect your rights if you get injured through someone's negligence or are charged with a criminal offence? These questions and many more will be answered when you study Law at Paston.

For Law you need an enquiring mind and be able to absorb factual information. You will learn how to think logically and to break down arguments into their component parts - handy skills in whatever you choose to do in the future. You will learn through a combination of class teaching, individual and group research activities, presentations and lots of tests!

You can combine Law with a wide variety of humanities, business, languages, and social science and science subjects - there is no 'ideal mix'. Law at Paston is very successful with a number of students gaining marks in the top 10 nationally. Many students go on to university to study a wide range of subjects including Law.