Many A Level Physics students continue their studies to degree level in this or a related subject. Physics will support a career in a wide range of areas, including Engineering, any science, medicine, and anything which requires numeracy or analytical skills. The skills you will acquire through the study of the subject are highly sought after. Physicists can be found in a very broad range of jobs, from finance to industry and beyond.

Physics will challenge you to think critically about the subject and you will develop many important skills, such as, analysis, evaluation, problem solving and also team work. You will have to develop a higher level of thinking for your experiments, demonstrations and the open-ended discussions. It should not come as a surprise that physicists are highly sought employees.

This A level course is divided into 3 components which are examined at the end of the second year. All your practical skills are developed and tested over the 2 years’ period and you will get a practical endorsement in addition to your A level.