Students take Psychology with both science and humanities subjects. In English Literature, for example, Psychology will help you to analyse and interpret poems, novels and plays. If you are considering university, it can be invaluable as it combines aspects of science and arts/humanities. Psychology is an asset if you are aiming for the extensive range of careers where people are the focus e.g. journalism, nursing, marketing or HR management. The course is taught by specialist, enthusiastic teachers who have a wealth of experience in helping students to achieve high grades and who are skilled in making the subject not just interesting, but fascinating. Learning outside the classroom includes student conferences.

Paston students excel in psychology, in fact in 2009 and 2011 a Paston student was the top A-level Psychology student in the UK, scoring a perfect 100% and receiving a prize from the British Psychological Society. 

You can follow a link here to the specification for Pearson Edexcel Psychology

Why not have a look at Psychology Bytes, an e magazine for students studying psychology at Paston Sixth Form College. When you attend the College you could become one of the contributors or indeed an editor of this magazine. 

Psychology A level is something you will have never studied before, and once on the course many students decide it is something they would like to study further. One question we often get is ‘What career could Psychology lead to?’ Follow this link to the British Psychological Societies website on careers.

Below are a couple of websites you can look at to get a flavour of what Psychology is, and an idea of the kinds of topics you will be studying:

  2. (Top 10 best Psychology themed films)
  3. (A list of Psychology themed books)
  4. (Take the Psychopath Test!)
  5. (Areas of Psychology)
Here is a link, which refers to things you may not have known Psychology has contributed to: 

Recently the Psychology department took a group of students to see Derren Brown’s show ‘Miracle’. Here is Year 12 student Stan Clarke’s review;

To celebrate the end of exams a large chunk of the Paston psychology department saw Derren Brown at the Theatre Royal Norwich in his latest show Miracle. In this captivating 2 hour performance, Derren reminded us of the true power psychology has, including reading the future, taking risks and the power of evangelist healers. The full house was left in disbelief and wonderment. Although Derren told the audience to keep the show an absolute secret, I can let you in on one thing……it is well worth taking psychology at Paston College just to be part of this truly mind blowing experience.

A recent psychology conference day in the Griffon Theatre with Ali Abbas. Ali conducted a revision day for the year 1 exam.