“The Truth will set you free: What if everything you’ve learnt is a lie?”

Welcome to Sociology at Paston Sixth Form College! 

Sociology is for thinkers, people who will question, debate, reflect upon the nature of society. Sociology is the study of society and the individuals within it. Sociology will teach you to think in new and exciting ways to study yourself and the social world in which you live.

We will ask you questions like: 
  • Is our education system failing boys? 
  • Why is the gap widening between the rich and the poor in our society? 
  • What prevents development in a country?
  • Why do people commit crime?

To enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the subject we have a number of trips which take place throughout the one year and two year course. 

Year 1:

A visit to Summerhill School- to analyse an alternative education system
A visit to a local food bank

Year 2:

Norwich Crown Court/ Norwich prison- to study crime in society and the practical application of research methods