“Learners benefit from teachers’ high levels of specialist skills and the passion they have for their subjects.” Ofsted, 2016

Reformed A level courses are studied over two years, with external exams sat at the end of this period. You will sit mock exams at the end of your first year.

Your GCSEs remain important for university and job selection in the future, even when you also have A-levels, degrees and professional qualifications. So your aim in year 10/11 should be both to achieve the highest number of GCSE higher grades (9 - 4/A* - C) and also the highest grades you can in each subject. Retaking examinations to improve your grades can make a real difference.

At Paston you take three subjects (or in exceptional circumstances four subjects). These are national norms and universities make you an offer on the basis of performance in three A-level subjects. A-levels are academic in nature and assessed mainly through examination although often with a small coursework element. They are one of the nationally recognised routes to university and higher level employment, and so they are often the most popular courses at Paston.

Our students do consistently well, performing “significantly better than would be expected on the basis of their GCSE results” (Ofsted).

Your Study Programme

We place great emphasis on choosing the A-level courses which meet your aspirations and we will help you in making those choices. To maximise your chances of achieving the best grades at A-level, we will advise you about subject combinations.  This is not to limit choice but, our experience tells us, those choices work best for you and will help you in taking your next step after A-levels to university or into employment.

Our initial advice is:-

  • Choose subjects you enjoy
  • Choose subjects you are good at
  • Think about subjects you might need to study for future careers