“The quality of learners’ work is high and at times outstanding.” Ofsted, 2016

The A+ programme is for students who are aiming at Russell Group universities and highly competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Veterinary Medicine etc., for which you may well need to sit additional entrance exams and are likely to have to undergo interviews or observed tasks. For entry to the A+ Programme, you must gain at least 3 A* grades (new grade 8/9) and 5 A grades (new grade 7) at GCSE; there are usually 50-60 students each year who qualify.

A+ is a successful programme which has run for over ten years. A+ students usually take four A level subjects and are most likely to achieve A/A* grades at A-level.

A+ is about stretch and challenge and so teachers expect students to read beyond the A-level syllabus and to be self-motivated and undertake extension work.  Some Critical Thinking work is included in programme.

A+ helps students fine tune their academic skills at the highest level, through a programme of coaching and mentoring, visits to highly rated universities and preparation for the additional entrance exams now required by some courses and universities like the Oxford or Cambridge Thinking Skills Assessment, BMAT (Medicine/Veterinary), UKCAT (Medicine), LNAT (Law), STEP papers (Maths) and subject specific tests such as the History and Physics Aptitude Tests, and the Modern Languages and Linguistics Admissions Tests.

For further details contact:  Katharine.Day@paston.ac.uk