A+ Programme
The A+ programme is for students who are aiming at Russell Group universities and highly competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Veterinary Medicine etc., for which you may well need to sit additional entrance exams and are likely to have to undergo interviews or observed tasks. For entry to the A+ Programme, you must gain at least 3 A* grades and 5 A grades at GCSE; there are usually 50-60 students each year who qualify.

A+ students will have the opportunity to take 4 subjects at A Level as well as:
  • preparation for university admissions tests
  • preparation for admissions interviews
  • debating/discussion practice
  • advice from ex–Paston students who are now at university
  • activities and summer schools organised by top universities
Applicants with suitable predicted GCSE grades, and who have been offered a conditional place at Paston are invited to attend an A+ Taster Day during the Spring Term to access course advice at an early stage. 

For further details contact:  Katharine.Day@paston.ac.uk