Paston sent its first students to Oxford and Cambridge 400 years ago. We have excellent, well-established links with both Oxford and Cambridge. If you are considering applying to one of our two ‘ancient universities’, you need specialised guidance and preparation.

This is what the Paston Oxbridge Programme offers you, through extra tuition and coaching designed to help you develop and practise academic skills beyond those required routinely for A level study. We will prepare you to compete as a strong candidate for a place at Oxford or Cambridge and to enjoy a successful career there. An important part of the Paston Oxbridge Programme is preparation for entrance tests which form part of the selection process for many courses. The programme also includes university and college visits (including an overnight stay at Christ Church, Oxford), summer schools and mentoring by past and current university students. Interview preparation and practice also form an essential part of the programme, as interviews play a central part in selection for these universities.

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