Our library offers a range of resources and a quiet space for you to study. The library hosts nearly 13,000 resources, including fiction and reference books, journals and periodicals, CDs and DVDs. All courses have subject-specific material available to provide contextual information. 

 The library also provides a bank of computers for independent study and is a Wi-Fi hotspot so students bringing their own devices can easily access the college network.  This network provides students with a range of other learning materials, such as Moodle 2 (our ‘virtual learning environment’ available both in College and outside), Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher), and some subject-specific software such as elements of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D etc.

The library is divided into three different study zones, as follows:-

  • Library Lobby
    Pairs, workspace and Individual Computer Study Spaces (Quiet Working)
  • Silent Room
    Individual Study Space (Silent)
  • Main Library
    Individual workspaces and Individual Computer Study Spaces (Quiet working)

Open times (Term Time Only):
8.30am to 4.00pm - Monday to Friday