Kickstart Moped Offer 
Provided applicants meet certain qualifying conditions, Kickstart can provide moped and scooter loans across Norfolk, and parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 
Norfolk – We cover all of Norfolk. 
Where funding is available, Kickstart will pay for Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), together with a safety helmet, jacket, gloves, lock, wet weather suit. If funding is not available, the rider will have to pay these set up costs prior to delivery of the vehicle.

You can take out a moped loan (if approved by Norfolk County Council) to get you to your place of education. In these cases, The individual will pay norfolk county council a contribution for the moped.
Feel free to contact Kickstart weekdays between 9am - 5pm on 01362 699923, by email: or via social media on facebook and twitter 
The first step to this is filling in an Application Form, Once received, we will
call you to discuss your circumstances - but you will need to have at least a provisional driving licence.

You will need to allow between 1 and 3+ weeks from application to the issue of a moped.

Making applications easy:

Please note we can accept emailed application forms however, we will need a hand written signature on the application form, which we will get when we issue you with a bike if your application is successful

Email Address for applications: