Photography Trip 2015

Photography Trip 2015

London, December 2015

On the 26th November a group of AS and A2 photography students visited London to explore the Southbank taking photographs along the Tames and exploring locations such as Borough Market. In the afternoon we visited the Science Museum Media Space to see a survey of the work of one of the important American photographers working today Alec Soth, who blends documentary fine art approaches to his depiction of the American landscape and people. We also saw the powerful and emotive portraits of 19th century photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

Kate Wolstenholme (A2 photography) who is going on to study Photography at Bournemouth University said:
“It was amazing to be able to see the original prints which Julia Margret Cameron had produced herself, being able to see areas of the image where it had been worn and ripped. For a women to be doing such a pioneering and scientific art form at that time was incredible, so to be surrounded by her work as well as being able to read her letters to Sir John Herschel was an amazing experience. I could have spent hours in the Alec Soth exhibition as his images were such an amazing mix of theoretical ideas, subject matter, technical ability and composition, as well as the large format images being in such breath taking clarity.”

John Brooker (AS Photography) said:
“Alec Soth makes you think behind the picture and what the story is and not just think how beautiful the picture is and then walk along to the next image.”

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