Student with tutor

Paston provides you with expert advice and guidance, care and support to help you choose your courses, settle into College, be successful in your studies and move on to your next step. This is one of the strengths of a College where students are all at the same stage in their education.

Personal Tutor

You will have a weekly meeting with your tutor who is an expert in advising and supporting students. Tutors are responsible for your personal welfare, development and success at College and will be your first point of contact for many issues.

They will:

  • help you settle in to College
  • provide you with information and advice e.g. Bursary and financial support, study and time management, getting further help
  • discuss your academic progress and help you agree how to improve
  • listen to your ideas and suggestions about College
  • help you understand the career opportunities available to you and support you in making university or job/training applications