Anna Crane

Aylsham High School
English Language: A, English Literature: B, Music: B, Maths: C 

Film Studies: A
English Language and Literature: A
Performance Studies: B 

University of East Anglia (UEA)
BA (Hons) English Literature: 2: 1
Who do you work for, and what projects have you been involved in?
After receiving a scholarship I have continued my study at the UEA to become a postgraduate and am currently finishing an MA in Film Studies, near on track for a distinction. I have been involved in filming projects at the university and have also assisted at various open days. I have also recently joined The Sheringham Players at Sheringham Little Theatre.

What is a ‘typical day like?
As a full-time student on an MA course it is pretty full on, non-stop. You have to be 100% dedicated and put all the hours in you can. It is an intense course, but you learn a lot in a short space of time. It is also a valuable stepping stone, and I hope from this to go on to do script-writing.

What did you study at Paston?
How did that course help you progress upon your career path? I studied English, Film and Performance studies as I have always been interested in the arts. Studying Film at Paston really gave me my passion for Film language and deconstruction; I remember gaining so much confidence during that course in my writing and analysis skills. I now absolutely love writing, critiquing and engaging in textual analysis. Without that course I would never have had the confidence to go to University, or to see that Film is what I really wanted to pursue.
What are the important skills you have had to develop and hone to be successful in your MA? Absolute unwavering dedication, patience, time keeping and organisation skills. You cannot do an MA course if you are not organised! During my four years at university I have had to push myself to improve so to always try and aim for the top grades, but I feel it was this pushing that honed my skills in other areas and has increased my motivation to always aim for the top. My confidence has never been high, but going through my time at University has really inspired me to now move on to bigger things.
Did you ever envisage doing this while you were at Paston?
I always knew I wanted to go to University to study English, but I never, ever imagined staying on to do an MA, it was not an easy decision! But I’m very glad I made it. From struggling at school to the point of leaving with only 4 GCSE’s, to now finishing Uni as a postgraduate, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to stop worrying! The help I received at Paston was extraordinary, and this has continued at Uni to the point I finally feel able to move on from past difficulties. Anyone at Paston who feels they can’t manage, the help is always there, never feel any small achievement isn’t good enough and just tell yourself, it’s going to be fine!
What did you do in the year immediately after graduating?
I worked on my MA application form! I also did voluntary work, applied for work experience at the Norwich Theatre Royal and to a three month work experience programme at the Norwich BBC studios which I aim to do after my graduation this year. I am very much looking forward to graduating this year as I aim to do voluntary work abroad and start to finally pursue my aspirations outside of University!

"Studying Film at Paston really gave me my passion for Film language and deconstruction; I remember gaining so much confidence during that course in my writing and analysis skills."