Jack Broome

I work at ChyronHego in Southall, London. 

Cromer High School
10 GCSE’s Grade A-C

What were you’re A-Level results at Paston
Media Studies – B
Film Studies - B
Sociology - C

Where did you go to University and what mark did you leave with?
University of Westminster, 2:1 Degree in Television Production

Who do you work for, and what projects have you been involved in? 
I work for ChyronHego. The website attached will give you floods of info on the company and what we do. I started off as a freelancer working on a new contract with the Premier League. We supply a tracking service, which tracks football players in real time. These stats are then provided to Opta and our data is available for the clubs to use to their advantage. From this I was taken on Full-time and I am now involved with many different projects within the company. I am still heavily involved with the tracking we do with the Premier League but I also work with Sky on several different productions as they use our touchscreen projects on many of their shows. I have worked on MNF, SNF, International Rugby, Champions Cup Rugby, F1 and Premier league matches. I will be attending the Golf at Wentworth in a couple of weeks and other projects throughout the summer.
What is a ‘typical day at work like? 
Its hard to say what a typical day is like because my work environment is always changing. A third of my time is spent setting up the Premier League tracking for the upcoming game week. This will involve a lot of admin work, making sure clubs know who will be working at their grounds on the weekend, making sure the data from the previous weekend is validated and sent to Opta, looking into what improvements can be made at certain grounds and checking there are no issues with software/hardware at all of the grounds in the Premier League. Another third will be spent working on the touchscreen projects with Sky, I may be setting up a project for the weekend/mid-week or working on a live production like MNF (Monday Night Football). Then the other third will be managing and monitoring the live Premier league tracking in real time while the games are taking place. 

What did you study at Paston? How did that course help you progress upon your career path? 
I studied Media Studies, Film Studies and Sociology. I think the main way in which these courses helped, particularly Film and Media studies, was by giving me inspiration. Before I went to Paston I was unsure as to what I wanted to do with my life. I had always really been into film/TV and how they were made so I decided to pick these courses. After a year I realised how interested I really was. The course opened my eyes to so much more and it enhanced my passion to work in the media industry all the more.
What are the important skills you have had to develop and hone to be successful in your job?
A lot of my work is IT based so I have had to pick up basic computer and networking skills. Most of my work is set in a real-time live environment so I have to be able to work under pressure and stick to extremely tight deadlines, sometimes minutes. Its also good to be a team player as the company has a high team ethic and they want us all to succeed in everything we do, but at the same time we have a lot of freedom to work individually so we need to manage our own time and be able to get jobs done and stick to deadlines.
Did you ever envisage doing this while you were at Paston? 
Never, if someone would have said to me at Paston, or even in my first year of University that I would be working with the Premier League and Sky on a weekly basis I wouldn't have believed them. 

What did you do in the year immediately after graduating? 
I started working for the company I am now full time at. This didn't happen as soon as I left but I started freelancing for them about 2 months after I finished. I did this for a year and then was asked to join the team. 

"After a year I realised how interested I really was. The course opened my eyes to so much more and it enhanced my passion to work in the media industry all the more."