Leo Garrick

When and where did you go to high school & what were your GCSE Results?
I didn't go to High School, I was home-educated. I had a few A*, A's, and B's.

What were you’re results at Paston?
Distinction, Distinction, Distinction in my BTEC Higher National Diploma in Performing Arts.

Where did you go to University and what mark did you leave with?
Bath Spa University, Graduating with a 2:1.

Who do you work for, and what projects have you been involved in?
Primarily, I work for myself and anyone who wishes to work with me. I have been involved in a couple of West End productions at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden, in "Coriolanus" and "Troilus and Cressida", with Lazarus Theatre Company. I have also done a lot of work with National Youth Theatre, including the Olympic Team Welcoming Ceremonies, and assisting on an actor training program out in Saudi Arabia.

What is a ‘typical day at work like?
I think the great thing about my career is that there aren't any "typical days". When you are in the rehearsal room, on the stage, or on set, every day has a different creative challenge. I'm not sure I could hack it if every day if my work was the same.

How did the BTEC Performing Arts course help you progress upon your career path?
That course took what felt like a hobby before, and made me realise that this was something I loved doing, and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. On the BTEC Performing Arts Course we had some excellent, experienced teachers who guided us, and I found treated us like professionals already.

What are the important skills you have had to develop and hone to be successful in your job?
The obvious skills with my job is your technical and creative abilities, such as training your voice, body and mind to be up to the tasks you set them. However, I think one of the most important skills I have had to learn, and am still learning to do this, is dealing with rejection!

Did you ever envisage doing this while you were at Paston?
Yeah. I'm not sure I envisaged exactly how hard and competitive the industry was going to be, but I knew I it was what I wanted to do.

What did you do in the year immediately after graduating?
Moved to London, signed with my agent, and just began work!

"On the BTEC Preforming Arts course we had some excellent, experienced teachers who guided us, and I found treated us like professionals already. "