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You have already achieved so much from this academic year and we are committed to helping support you in ensuring you receive the credit you deserve to reflect your hard work. It is essential that you continue learning and continue to develop your skills and knowledge so that you can move onto your next educational step or progress into the workplace with the knowledge and skills that colleges, universities or employers will require.

We therefore expect that all students will:

  • access work from home and complete the set activities/work as you would if you were still attending college
  • log on to Blackboard and visit your course home page and complete work as required
  • look out for an email from your tutor/course leader which will outline the work/assignments assessments you have been provided with (including English and maths if appropriate) and when/how these can be handed in

It is important to note that we will review how each student has taken part in online learning and this information will be used in reviewing applications for progression to the next level of course in September 2020.

We will do all we can to support you and should you have any difficulties in accessing these opportunities. Please let your course leader know by email so that we can work with you to overcome any barriers.

Work Placements

We have taken the decision to suspend all work placements associated with 16-18 provision in order to comply with the governments guidance on tackling coronavirus. 

Where work placements form a required component of your qualification, we are working with the relevant awarding organisations to ensure you are not disadvantaged in any way. If you are on a placement, please contact the employer concerned to let them know you will not be attending and thanking them for the support they have offered you to date. 


What will happen with exams/synoptics?

We are constantly receiving updates from the government and awarding bodies. See the latest update here.

You can find the answers to many of the key questions about the cancellation of exams, and how grades will be calculated, in the Government guidance on the cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A Levels in 2020.

Please do not worry, this is a nationwide concern and therefore plans will be put in place as required. We will ensure that we communicate any updates on exams/synoptics through your student email account. 

How will my attendance be impacted?

We will be monitoring your engagement with learning through your interactions on Blackboard and the work that you submit with your lecturers. While we strongly recommend that students log in and access resources/activities and upload assessments as provided by your course tutors, we will not be recording attendance in the normal way. 

How will I communicate with staff and get support with my work?

​While you are studying from home, staff will still be hard at work to provide lessons, mark assessments and support you. You can contact them, and they will need to be able to contact you, through your student email. If you wish to talk to someone on the phone, send an email first to arrange a convenient time.

What if I don't have access at home?

Blackboard is available as an app and works through phones, iPads, computers and other devices with your student log on. If you have issue accessing Blackboard, let your course tutor/course leader know via email so we can look at options on a case by case basis. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time. It is important we work together as one big team and we are all committed in supporting you towards your next steps.