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Industry Placements

Gaining work experience in your chosen area of study is vitally important to help boost your employability after college.

Will I do Industry Placements?

Students studying on the following Level 3 Career-focused courses are required to take part in industry placements with employers in the local area as part of their course:

When will I do them?

Most placements will take place during a normal working day but, depending on what you’re interested in, your placement may involve working outside normal hours to give you a real taste of that industry. They can work on a day release basis throughout the year or in larger blocks during the spring and summer terms.

How long will they last?

Placements can vary in length depending on the course timetable and employer, but they must last for a minimum of 315 hours to ensure that it counts towards your course.

How do I secure a placement?

We will encourage you to follow your passion and find your own placements to ensure you get the most out of the experience however, we do have a team who can help with this if you’re not able to find one. To help you secure a placement, you should ensure that you have an up to date CV and are prepared to attend an interview.

How is my work during the placement recorded?

As part of your placement, you will be asked to keep a log of the tasks and activities that you carry out as well as the days and hours that you have worked. You must also participate in 3 formal progress reviews with the employer and a member of the team at Paston College.

Is there any financial help available?

To help you complete your placement, you can apply for a contribution towards additional costs incurred as part of your experience such as travel, PPE or any specialist equipment that might be required.