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BRIT Challenge 2023

30th March 2023 – Tags: Charity

Twenty-three was the magic number this month as students and staff from across our campuses got involved in fundraising for the BRIT Challenge.

Our Students’ Union joined forces with other members of the college community to come up with a series of challenges linked to the number 23.

These included a Tractor Pull, which saw teams of 23 pulling a tractor 23 metres in the quickest possible time, a 23-hour tennisathon, and a competition to name the 23rd lamb to be born on the farm at Easton College. Meanwhile, groups of students at Paston College got active by completing 23 minutes of physical activity during their lessons.     

Teams of 23 pull an Easton College tractor 23 metres

Our Students’ Union President, Lewis Pepperell, commandeered some of the farm equipment at Easton College to support the BRIT Challenge fundraising effort.

Lewis threw down the gauntlet to teams of students and staff to see who could pull a 10-tonne tractor 23 metres in the quickest time.

Congratulations to the winning team of Sports Performance and Excellence students, who covered the distance in a remarkably quick time of 11.81 seconds.   



Grand Slam winners support 23-hour tennisathon

Elite wheelchair tennis players Alfie Hewett and Ben Bartram brought star quality to our tennisathon at Easton College Tennis Centre, joining students, staff, and members of the public in 23 hours of continuous tennis.

There was plenty of involvement in the tennisathon from the college’s students, both on court and through a pop-up shop and food and drink that hospitality and inclusive learning students provided for the participants to enjoy.

Our Principal, Jerry White, got into the spirit of the BRIT Challenge, giving students and staff the chance to ‘pelt the principal’ before he took to the court with Alfie and Ben.


Professional Cookery students were among those who took part in the 23 hour tennisathon.

Professional Cookery students were among those who took part in the 23 hour tennisathon.


Competition to name our 23rd born lamb

Not all our BRIT Challenges were as physically demanding as pulling tractors or playing tennis non-stop.

With the Challenge coinciding with lambing season, we held an online competition to name this year’s 23rd-born lamb – the following video reveals the winning name!      



Support for good causes

The BRIT Challenge 2023 is an inclusive feelgood fundraiser which aims to improve mental health and fitness and raise money for young adult mental health.

All proceeds from the college’s fundraising efforts will be split between the BRIT Challenge and local charity The Feed Foundation, which works to tackle poverty and homelessness in Norwich.

Jerry White commented:

The BRIT Challenge 2023 has provided a great opportunity for students, staff, and members of the public to come together for two really important causes.”