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Important Information - Wednesday 15 & Thursday 16 March

6th March 2023

The University and College Union (UCU) have informed us that their members have voted to take Industrial Action on Wednesday 15 March and Thursday 16 March, 2023. 

We are putting in place plans to allow all of our sites to remain open and to keep any disruption to our students’ and apprentices’ learning to an absolute minimum.   

As you may be aware, when there is a strike, those going on strike do not need to inform us. This means that we may not know which staff are not going to be here on the 15th and 16th until those days and as you can imagine, this makes planning for the strike tricky.

However, at this stage we will continue to open the College on those dates and students should plan to attend College on those days (if you would normally)

We may have to adjust some elements of learning on those days, but we will try our hardest to minimise the impact on students as we know every hour of learning really counts. If you have any exams or other forms of assessment on those days we will make sure they go ahead as planned.

We will be in contact with students later this week if we think their course will be disrupted of if we feel we might need to make different plans on those days. 

We share the wish of UCU for more funding to come to colleges but at the moment it’s not and therefore the College cannot afford the 14% pay claim that the UCU is making. We are sorry that this Industrial Action could disrupt students' learning and we will do all we can to minimise any impacts.