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Norfolk Art and Design Competition success for A Level Art student

7th July 2022 – Tags: A Levels, Art & Design

A Level Art & Design student Emma Mewse has ended her time at Paston College on a high, achieving 2nd Place in the Norfolk Art and Design Competition 2022. 

The competition received nearly 200 entries from over 20 different sixth forms and colleges across Norfolk, with organisers from Norwich University of the Arts describing the standard of entries as “incredibly high.”    

Emma Mewse 6

Emma received the award for her painting, Cycle of Decay.  

Throughout the past 2 years I’ve been doing nature-based work,” says Emma. “I’ve been drawing different leaves, different textures, basically just experimenting as much as I possibly could.  


The veins show life. There is a decaying leaf, which I did with acrylic. I painted a dead leaf in the top corner, purely just the veins of the leaf. And I put more subtle drawings in the background. So it was like the cyclical structure of the life of the leaf.” 

Cycle of Decay by Emma Mewse

On hearing her name announced as one of the competition winners, Emma’s first reaction was disbelief: 

I did not expect that at all, because everyone’s work was of a high standard – it was all amazing.” 

Alongside Art & Design, Emma has been studying A Levels in Psychology and English Language & Literature. Looking ahead to university and career opportunities beyond that, Emma would like to combine her interests in art and psychology, perhaps through art therapy:   

I think it’s a really creative way of exploring people’s emotions - especially with children. Sometimes it’s hard for people to openly say how they feel. Art therapy is a good way of letting them explore that through a piece of paper and a pen.”     

Reflecting on her 2 years at Paston College, Emma adds: 

I have loved it. I’ve definitely become more confident and more open to new ideas. The teachers are so supportive and encouraging. Especially with art, because I didn’t do art at GCSE, so I was coming into it wondering, am I good enough? Is it going to work out? And my Art teacher, Matt, was like, yes! And that gave me confidence.” 

Emma Mewse 2