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Students Get To Grips with Global Maths Lesson

11th October 2019

To celebrate Global Maths Week, Paston College students participated in October's Global Maths Lesson in Fractals. Over 10,000 learners from across the world logged in to Global Maths to join in. 

The Global Maths Lesson


The Global Maths Lesson aims to spread enthusiasm for Mathematics, raising awareness of the relevance of Maths in everyday life. It is arranged in coordination with The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences School Enrichment Centre, The Global Math Project, Living Maths, and HeyMaths! 

Fascinating Fractals

Paston Maths teacher, Wlodzimierz Szczerba, led students through a lesson covering Fractals, which is a shape or curve made up of lots of copies of itself. Students build a Sierpinski Triangle - also known as a Sierpinski Gasket. 

Study Maths at Paston College

Do you have a passion for Maths? Studying Maths A Level at Paston College will allow you to develop skills such as team working, resilience, effective communication of complex ideas and the ability to use your own initiative. You will also have the opportunity to attend trips to inspire you and to enhance your passion for the subject.