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Student Absence

If you are absent, you need to let us know you are not going to be in college.

Paston College absence line

Absence must be reported using either of the options below.

1. Phoning the absence line

Call 01692 402334.

Please ensure you phone the absence line before 9.00am. When you phone us you will need your student ID number.

You will be greeted with a recorded message asking you the questions below. To go to the next questions, you will need to press the star key.

  • What’s your name and student number? (alternatively you can leave your name and date of birth)
  • What course are you on and who is your tutor?
  • Does anyone else need to be told that you’ll be away? If so, who?
  • Please briefly give us the reason for your absence and tell us when you expect to return

If someone is calling the absence line on your behalf, please ensure they have all the information to be able to answer the recorded questions.

2. Emailing us

Email and provide the information above.

3. Completing the Learning Absence Form

Log on to the student College Homepage and complete the Learner Absence Form under Useful Links.

Important information about absence

When contacting us you must explain the reason for your absence.

If you are absent for four weeks without producing a written explanation you will be regarded as having left your course.

If you are on placement, you’ll also need to let the placement staff know that you’ll be absent.

Arriving to college late or leaving early

If you are arriving late or are leaving college early due to sickness, please inform your tutor. If you will be arriving late and wish to inform the College please call our Advice Shop Team on 01692 668095. 

You should be aware that if you are at any time absent without good reason or explanation for any part of your course, then the College has an obligation to inform parents or guardians with whom you reside (for students under 18), appropriate local education authorities or examination boards. You are expected to maintain a maximum attendance during the whole of your course.

If you are absent because of any concerns or issues you would like to discuss further, please contact our Advice Shop Team on 01692 668095 who will be more than happy to call you back or meet with you and help you return to college.