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Five things you need to know about A Level Results and your next steps

11th August 2020 – Tags: A Level Results

This year finds us in a unique situation – because of lockdown and the cancellation of exams, there is more attention than ever on this year’s results. In the middle of all the ‘noise’ we are here to help guide our students, parents and carers through this week in as stress-free a way as possible.

Here are five things to remember as you prepare to get your results and make decisions about your next steps:

1. You will receive your results by email

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic you will not be able to collect results in person and you should not attend College on results day. On Thursday 13 August we will be emailing your results to your college email address ( If you have not used your college email address for a while, please log on ahead of time and make sure that you still have access. If you experience any problems, you can contact

2. Your results will carry the same weight as if you had sat exams

Whilst the grading process has been different, you can be confident that the grades being awarded this year are just as valid as those from any other year – and they will be treated as such by universities, colleges, and employers. The professional judgement of your teachers, who are ultimately best-placed to evaluate your work, has been backed up by all the available evidence on your performance throughout your A Levels – and these judgements have then been subject to a thorough process of checking and verification at a national level.

3. Don’t look back in anger

We understand that it may be difficult to accept a grade you have been awarded when you haven’t had the chance to sit final exams. However, it is important to take a step back and look at everything you have gained from your learning. We know that grades are at the top of everyone’s agenda, but it’s important to remember that the knowledge and skills you have gained over the past 2 years of study will pave the way for your success in the next stage of your journey.

4. If in doubt, talk to the university or college you want to go to

This has been an extraordinary year and the university or college you are planning to go on to will be sympathetic to this. If you are unsure whether your grades will secure you that place at your preferred destination, talk to the institution directly. More so than in any previous year, universities and colleges will be very willing to talk in detail to students about their applications, even if your grades aren’t quite as hoped. You must not be afraid to ask: universities and colleges will be expecting you to call.   

5. Know your options

Whilst many students will be planning to go to university as their next step, there are many other options available to you at this point – including college-based degrees and other Higher Education courses, Apprenticeships, employment, internships, or a gap year. It is also not too late to change your choice of Higher Education course or apply for the first time through Clearing. Click here for some more detail on each of these options.

Your teachers and all the staff at Paston College care passionately about supporting you to make the successful next step in your journey. If you have any questions or feel you would like some help and advice at this point, we are here to help.

You can call on 01603 773 773 to speak with one of our Advice Shop advisors, or you can use the Live Chat function on our website during office hours.