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"My overall experience at Paston College was a blast!"

19th May 2020 – Tags: Media Studies

Sasha Smee shares how her Paston College journey has seen her progress to study TV Production at Bournemouth University.

A change in education and a focus on my career

I chose to study at Paston College for a change in education and a chance to meet new people and future contacts for careers. Not only this, but the college also offered the courses that I wanted to study.

I studied a BTEC in Creative Media Production.

Finding direction

My overall experience at Paston College was a blast. I enjoyed every second of it, the environment was very welcoming and you could always have a laugh with the tutors. My experiences at college helped me to push my career and aspirations in the right direction.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my experience at Paston College. The tutors helped me understand my true passions and where I wanted to head in life, unlike in previous education where I was very lost and had no passion to go to University.

If it wasn't for my tutors and the course, I would have not been able to make the contacts for my career choices. One unit I studied involved contacting those who hold the career you desire, and I am still in contact with the camera operator I connected with and undertook a work placement with today who has offered myself work and other placement opportunities.

Advancing my skills

I don't think I would have been as advanced in skills as I am today, you get to see the different levels of learning at university in your first year, and I am so grateful for this teaching from my tutors who were able to offer this outside of classes too!

Outside the classroom, I was able to take part in extracurricular activities like filmmaking and photography to build my knowledge and it continued to drive my passion.

Studying TV Production and long-term career goals

I'm currently in my final year of studying a BA (Hons) in TV Production at Bournemouth University

My next steps are to step out into the world of work after my degree and to continue making connections. My long-term career goal is to become a wildlife camera operator, after finding my passion since photography animals from a young age.

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