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"Attending college has given me the freedom to work towards my personal goals"

19th May 2020 – Tags: Performing Arts, Student Stories

Ole Francis shares how their Paston College journey allowed them the independence to explore their personal goals.  

First steps

I chose to attend Paston College as it had subjects that I wanted to study and had a passion for. I attended open evenings which had interesting activities, the atmosphere seemed energised and comfortable. 

I chose to study A Level Drama and Theatre Studies, Criminology and Geography. 

Freedom and independence

Attending college has given me a freedom I didn’t receive at high school. I’ve appreciated the independence, which how allowed me to work towards my own personal goals. I’ve learned to balance my social life with organising my studies.  

My studies have been demanding, but thoroughly interesting. Drama lessons stand out to me because of the undeniable talent of my fellow students and the creativity and security they provide. 

Making friends and becoming independent

I have made many new friends at college, they inspire me and help me to become a better person. 

During my time at Paston College, I’ve learnt to value my own independence and determination. This is something I will continue to learn and build on far into the future. 

Next steps

When I finish my courses, I aim to take a gap year to raise funds for further education or university.  

My long term ambition is to work as a professional actor.  

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