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Thinking about re-taking an A Level? Talk to us today

19th August 2020

There are lots of reasons why students come to us each year to re-take one of their A Levels, or to do an extra A Level in addition to those they already hold.

If you are considering this, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible, and no later than the end of August, to discuss your options.

Get the qualification you need for your next step

Doing an extra year of A Level study is a popular option for students wishing to improve on their existing grades to meet the entry requirements of a particular degree course they want to get on to.

Others opt to study a new A Level subject that they have not done before, to increase their total UCAS points, or widen their options for future study.

“I’m really happy that I now have all the grades I need for university”

Paston College student Ellen completed A Levels in Business and Psychology last year, but found that A Level Maths wasn’t the right course for her.

So Ellen returned to college for one more year to do A Level Sociology. She enjoyed being able to focus on a single subject, whilst having time for work and her interests outside of college too.

Ellen was “over the moon” when she learned on results day that she had achieved an A grade, meaning she could go on to do a degree course in Primary Education at the University of Hertfordshire. 

Supporting your A Level success

Whatever A Level subject you are interested in, we can provide all you need to succeed. You will be supported by our tutors who are here to help you enjoy and make the most of your time with us.

Tutors will also help you with your next step, guiding you through UCAS, apprenticeship or employment applications.

You will be treated as an individual and your personal aspirations will be fully supported through whichever path you choose.

You will receive expert guidance in creating a study programme which best suits your needs and gives you what you need to fulfil your ambitions.

Things to remember

Whilst we will do all we can to enable students to re-take an A Level or take a new subject, it is important to be aware that:

  • Acceptance onto a course is not guaranteed and depends on the current numbers of students on that course.
  • If you are coming to us from another school or college to re-take a subject, the exam board and syllabus may be different – be prepared to learn and be examined on things you may not have studied before.
  • Although most subjects can be taken in one year, in some cases this may be dependent on your starting point.     

Talk to us about re-taking A Levels with Paston College

If you would like to find out more about re-taking A Levels, please call us on (01692) 402334 or use the Live Chat on our website.